Real Sex Doll

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A stunningly beautiful life like sex doll with a mannequin head which is a feature of good quality love dolls, realistic blonde hair, long eye lashes, brown eyes, kissable lips and a soft mouth. The Queen of America love doll has real feel pussy and anus holes that are unbelievably like real skin, the vagina is molded perfectly to produce a tight fit around the penis. The queen will also vibrate, she has a five speed controller to vary the vibrating sensations. This Toy Joy vibrating love doll is a quality sex doll and with so many features it is no wonder this life like sex doll has been a best seller for years. Includes foot pump for rapid inflation and a repair kit for any mishaps!

Bring home this Euro-American Beauty,

Your Perfect “Anytime and Anywhere” Companion, A good Friend and Partner

That’s one of the best Love Dolls you would have ever wished to own,

She blows upto nearly 6 feet; She has all the features of a Sexy Bombshell,

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